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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Welcome to the Sew Personal Online Catalogue!

This site is just an introduction to the endless options that can come from a Sew Personal Piece.
Design a hand bag that is just for you, give a personalized gift that no one else could give, make a statement with something created just for you!
This is the place that you get to be the designer, with a little professional help of course.
Here are some of the designs that have been created by Gail and her clients.

The 'Gail' Purse

The 'Gail' Purse - Small

The 'Katie' Purse

The 'Jody' Purse

The 'Jenn' Purse

The 'Dixie' Purse

The 'Bonnie' Backpack

The 'Dana' Panel Purse

The 'Erica' Purse

'Avery' Diaper Bags


Baby's Name Here!


Children's 'Abbey' Purse

Children's 'Brooke' Purse

The Shelley Purse

A bag within the bag!
The inside of the purse.

The bag that sits inside the purse.

T's and Scarves

Book Club "Uniforms"

Some fleecey friends to keep the chill off your neck and a smile on your face

Close ups of Frosty and friends

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